Don’t Choose Them, Choose Us!

Are you excited about your web content?

If you aren’t thrilled with your website, chances are that your customers won’t be excited either.

We create fresh, original and engaging web content for clients in all industries. As independent web content writers, we work directly with clients and communications agencies, so there is no middleman. That means you don’t have to pay the middle man for basically doing nothing except taking your money.

Our clients enjoy superior writing and personal customer service because we do all the writing ourselves. Here’s why we’re different.

With content farms, this is what happens.                          This is what happens when you order from us.

web content writers

Content is the zest of your website.

It’s the cheese on your casserole.

It’s the whipped cream AND the cherry on your dessert.

If you want the best web content writers, you want us.

Do you need more reasons to hire us? There are plenty. We are a team–an actual husband-and-wife dream team. Why is that important? It’s a strong advantage for you because we each favor different subjects and have different writing styles. You get two writers for the price of one. You get the best writer for each job.

Before the work flies into your inbox, each word is checked, double-checked and sometimes triple-checked. Clients like you enjoy integrated proofreading and editing along with our diverse wealth of knowledge in different subjects.

On top of all this goodness, our rates are both fair and competitive. We started offering content writing services for a number of reasons. For one, we realized that content farms charged an excessive premium and usually didn’t offer any added value, such as editing, proofreading or quality assurance. At the same time, many independent web content writers charge a lot more than we do–like way more. We aren’t here to gouge you. We’re available to offer the highest quality writing at our most competitive price. Check out our pricing page to see for yourself. If you’d rather, give us a shout to discuss your web content project with us.