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Over the past three decades, we have developed a large portfolio of writing samples and clients. The samples on this page have been created for informational purposes only and were not produced for clients.

Sample Home Page

Tallman Tree Specialists has been maintaining and removing trees and shrubs since 1974. Our Chicago-based team of certified arborists is bonded, insured and trained to perform the best possible work for all residential and commercial clients. Regular pruning and trimming prolongs the life of mature trees and landscape plantings while enhancing the value of your home. We have three decades of experience in the industry and the expertise needed to properly maintain and safely remove local tree species. Our tree care services include the following items.

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Sick Tree Diagnostics and Tree Injections
  • Large Tree Moving
  • Tree Cavity Treatment
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Drought Relief Services
  • Emergency Tree Services

Before we perform any work, we carefully evaluate the structure of each tree to ensure it can be removed or repaired in an appropriate, non-damaging manner. In many cases, we can perform tree injections to manage growth or remove pests that weaken the core wood. At Tallman Tree Specialists, we are focused on making trees healthier and safer. We remove large limbs and trunks with cranes, and we trim dead wood and branches that could damage your home or a neighbor’s property.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise that starts with no hassle estimates and ends with a full property clean up. We are friendly, easy to work with and always on time. The success of our company is based on quality services with fair prices. We are fully licensed and insured. You won’t find a better tree service company in the Chicago area. We serve clients in Schaumberg, Bolingbrook, Evanston and all parts of Cook County. Call us today for a free estimate.

Sample Press Release


Fitness Team Launches New Book: “Fat-burning Moves for A Banging Body.”

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – April 24, 2011 – Mental wellness and physical strength are elusive in this day and age. Fortunately, two award-winning experts are bringing their fitness and wellness strategies to the masses in a new book entitled “Fat-burning Moves for A Banging Body, a Customized Plan for Optimum Fitness and Weight Loss.” This innovative book combines the knowledge of two fitness experts who help readers achieve the singular goal of looking and feeling better in three weeks.

The book features two distinct sections. Part one focuses on providing valuable nutritional advice. The fitness portion is geared toward whole-body fitness and toning exercises that include Pilates and activities to help readers with all different body types achieve a higher level of fitness. Unlike crash diets and boot camp programs, this unique book uses a holistic approach that helps readers develop awareness, customized fitness regimens and nutritional strategies that can transform their bodies and their lives.

Authors John Jenner and Marcia DuBois put their heads together to provide meaningful advice that can be tailored to individuals of all fitness levels. Their areas of expertise are vastly different, but they work together toward the same goal in this exciting new book. The authors adroitly guide readers through the entire process. The book includes sections to identify body types, tools to burn more calories and inspiring advice to set realistic goals. The remainder of the book includes a five-day kick-start program followed by a three-week fitness regimen tailored to people with different body types and physiological constitutions. These fitness options include core exercises and aerobic activities. This strategies system combines fitness and nutritional advice that show readers how to conquer those problem areas.

The concept and content of this new book were created by Pilates master John Jenner and nutritionist Marcia DuBois. It combines their collective experience to increase wellness and overall fitness. Marcia DuBois is a certified nutritional consultant and a naturopathic physician. She shows readers how to harness the power of super foods and how to eat more wisely. John Jenner has established fitness centers in Europe and the United States. His clients include celebrities, national sports teams and many A-list athletes, dancers and regular people. “Fat-burning Moves for A Banging Body” can be purchased online and at local book stores.

The names, business and titles that appear in these samples are fictitious. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

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