Freelance Writing Rates

Our services and our prices are customized for you. If you need a one-time press release, a complete website or new blog posts every single beautiful week, we offer competitive freelance writing rates that are tailored to the scope of your project.

Our Freelance Writing Rates

Writing is what we do. We know that content creation can be a big (too big) part of your budget. If you’ve invested in a new website or publicity package so comprehensive that it includes sticker shock, you need words that are worth the money. You don’t need words that are gold encrusted or that cost more than white truffles, beluga caviar and plutonium combined. You’re buying web content, not diamonds.freelance writing rates

Our services encompass the triangle of client satisfaction. Our work is great–no, it’s outstanding, fast and reasonably priced too. Don’t pay content farms that up-charge by 35 percent. Don’t chose independent writers that want you to buy them a new yacht. Pick us. For one, we don’t have a boat, and we don’t plan on getting one.

For most freelancing writing projects, the rate is 10 cents a word all day and all week–and that includes our prep time. Please bear in mind that if you want us to extensively research the geology of Serbian caves or the biology of glow worms, it might cost extra. We can talk about it.

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In addition to freelance writing rates that are priced by the word, some of our editing and proofreading services are billed at $30 per hour. To make things easy, we accept secure payments by credit card (hey, you can even earn points!) and PayPal. Let’s talk about monthly billing options and retainers that streamline the process and give you priority service.

Get in touch with us to talk about your project. We specialize in satisfying extraordinary requirements every day, so don’t be shy. Speak up!