Products & Services

Promoting your products and services is our specialty. We create a complete range of web content for all types of businesses. Whether you need professional product descriptions, press releases or web content for product launches, promotions and seasonal newsletters, we’re qualified to write it and write it well. We can create informational articles, news-related content, blog posts and much more.

  • Let’s work together to create informative blog posts that cover seasonal and evergreen topics.
  • Educational articles that are information-rich rank well in search engines and are valuable to potential clients.
  • Regular newsletters engage your customer base and make them think about your products or services throughout the year.
  • Web-ready press releases are a great way to advertise important business news and milestones.
  • Whether you’re going for factual or witty, effective product descriptions sell.
  • If you offer test prep materials for the ACT, SAT or professional exams, we can create test questions and other resources.
  • Web content is our bread and butter, but it’s not bland or basic. Let us update your website or provide new content.
  • White papers have serious marketing power. Use in-depth e-books and guides to get more newsletter signups and customer leads.

Professional Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are one of our area of expertise. Whether you’re selling janitorial services or coffee tables, we can describe whatever you’re selling. Effective product descriptions provide detailed information about specific products, the attributes, the specs, the facts and the emotional bits that appeal to real shoppers.

Web Content and Copywriting

If your business needs fresh web content for a new site or new products, we will deliver the right words. There’s plain, old SEO, and there’s writing that lets customers and search engines find the most relevant pages on your site. That’s what we provide. Here are a few niche industries that we write for extensively.

  • Automotive

  • Carpets and flooring

  •  Cleaning and janitorial services

  • Custom printing companies 

  • Educational services

  • Furniture and home goods

  • Luxury brands

  • Marketing firms

  • Promotional products and swag

  • Test preparation 

     product descriptions and web content