Inspired Blogging on A Schedule

Blogging regularly and sticking to a schedule are the trickiest parts of the platform, but coming up with fresh, new ideas is also hard. A big part of our business is creating blog posts and informative articles for clients who need to keep their websites fresh. After a point, everyone runs out of fresh ideas and inspiration. What do you do then? Don’t worry. We have a plan.


Coming up with fresh ideas is as simple as starting a list. While working for a law firm, we had to come up with 50 unique titles for a series of informative articles. After about 35 topics, things get a little harder, but consider this. Fifty blog posts could mean weekly updates for your site for the whole year. Not so bad, eh? Make sure to look at the comments that your blog is getting. Reader questions are a great jumping off point. If someone is asking, others are bound to be wondering too. You could also check out your competition and look for news topics related to your industry or client base. As you come up with topics, you may even see a potential blog series. That is pure gold.

Then what?

When you create a long list of potential titles, some will be better than others. If your title sounds too iffy or obscure, just cross it off the list. There will be plenty of other ideas. Just start narrowing it down. You don’t need to come up with a year’s worth of blog posts at one time. That would be way too daunting, even for us! Just try to come up with eight or 10 solid topics.

Create a Spreadsheet

Start a spreadsheet that outlines topics for the next two months. List any major events relevant to your business, seasonal sales or promotions, and think of relevant evergreen or seasonal topics that will keep your site current. Creating just four blog topics for each month is a great schedule to stick to. Looking a month or two ahead is a good way to make sure that you stay current without getting bogged down.

Schedule Your Posts

Once you have ideas and fresh content, it’s time to post it. We really like the schedule a post feature that WordPress has. It’s an easy way to give yourself some breathing room. We’ve found that staying a few weeks ahead is the best way to make sure that your website stays fresh. If you’re committed to posting every Wednesday but don’t have an article when hump day rolls around, it’s not going to get done.

So, we hope that you find these tips useful. You can also check out our blogging schedule template, which can be downloaded from Google Drive Do you have tips for generating new blog topics or sticking to a regular schedule?

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