Internet Marketing Glossary

Marketing experts use a variety of crazy terms, and new ones are being coined every day. Whether you’re new to the trade or a veteran, there might be some terms and jargon that you don’t know or don’t understand. Here are a few common and not-so-common terms to get you started.

Black hat SEO

Deceptive or unethical SEO techniques that result in penalties. Also see gray-hat techniques.

Call to action

A strong statement, usually at the end of an article, that encourages the reader to call, sign up or click.


A deceptive technique that shows one version of a page to search engines and another version to real visitors.


The text, videos, pictures and information that is found on a website.

Content management system (CMS)

An interactive template-based software platform that allows users to create and edit web content from one location.


A lead that has become a customer.

Gray hat SEO

Dubious SEO techniques that use a combination of legitimate white-hat techniques and unethical black-hat methods.

Inbound marketing

The process of attracting inbound customers and visitors using informative content, videos and blog posts.


A potential customer or sales inquiry.

Lead generation

An Internet marketing process that generates consumer interest or inquiries.

Link farms

Dubious websites that collect a vast amount of unrelated links and create bad online neighborhoods that result in search engine ranking penalties.

Link juice

A quantity of credible or authoritative links that improve page rank and search engine results.

Outbound marketing

Marketing using outward processes, such as PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and paid advertisements.

Scraper sites

Websites that steal content and use it to generate ad revenue.


Any unsolicited communications, including email, text messages and comments.


Unethical methods used to increase search engine ranking, such as keyword stuffing, maintaining link farms and cloaking content. Links from these sites can bring you down too.

Static pages

A homepage or webpage that is unchanging.

Web 2.0

The second generation of Internet technology, which includes blogs, social media sites and interactive web pages that create a user community.

These are just a few terms that are used frequently by Internet marketers. We hope that they help you understand what the heck everyone is talking about. If you’re interested in learning more about the jargon that marketing gurus use, visit the Gravy Train blog. They have a truly comprehensive and in-depth marketing glossary that covers many more techie topics and terms.

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