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If you’re looking for local copywriters in Middle Tennessee, you’ve found the right people. We’re a two-person team of dedicated professional writers who live and work in Williamson County. We’ve been creating web content and writing for local businesses since 2005, and we look forward to serving you–and your business. Although our freelance copy writing has brought us clients in all corners of the United States and abroad, we still enjoy working with local businesses and business owners. Our office is located in Spring Hill/Thompsons Station, and we serve businesses in Nashville, Franklin and our hometown.

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Our combined experience includes technical writing, editing, proofreading and content creation specifically for websites and online promotions. From monthly newsletters to blog posts, we can handle all of your writing needs, quickly and effectively. We create landing pages, press releases, geo-targeted articles and a full range of content for your website, brochures and printed publications.

Why Should You Hire a Local Copywriter?

  • We’re experienced professional writers with the knowledge of Tennessee natives.
  • We’re committed to growing your business and the local economy.
  • We’re familiar with Middle Tennessee markets and geo-targeted areas.
  • Communication is easy. We might be in a different county, but we’re not on a different continent! That means no nonsense business, fast turnaround times and better quality work at better prices.

We are fast, efficient and effective. We specialize in a variety of verticals, including professional services, retail, ecommerce and technology. We also offer a variety of services to marketing firms and web development companies. Hire us to expand your range of services without committing to an in-house writing team. It’s a cost-effective, logical solution.

For the rest of 2014, enjoy special discounted rates for local customers!

Request a quote, or send us an email. We’d love to discuss your ideas and see how our freelance writing services can help you grow your business.

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Hire local writers. Support hometown businesses.


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