Free Websites?

Yes, it’s true. Google has partnered with Intuit to offer small business owners a free three-page website for one year. This offer includes special templates and a customized domain name. The first year is free. After that, the domain name costs $2 per month, and hosting is $4.99 per month.

Google Logo Akira YoshizawaRecently, Google launched a national campaign to help small businesses get online. The decision to develop a website and to set up accounts with all the local business directories is daunting, and most entrepreneurs believe that starting a website is expensive. Plus, many brick and mortar businesses have been operating successfully for decades without a website. Here in Tennessee, 70 percent of small businesses do not have websites.

When time and money are valuable, business owners believe they can forego the expense of starting a website. However, more and more consumers use web pages and local business listings to locate stores and to see what other customers have to say. This free website offer from Google is exciting because businesses can see what a website can do for their bottom line without investing any money up front.

Free websites are available in conjunction with online learning tools and resources. Google representatives are also traveling across the country to help local business owners establish objectives for their web pages and get their businesses listed in local directories.

Individuals who already have a domain name can use this special offer to get free templates and hosting services for one year. Of course, companies can always decide that their website is working great but they need more pages, more functions, more features or more whatevers. At that point, businesses may consider hiring a web development company or a professional writer to fill in their content.

A simple three-page website allows businesses to create a solid home page, a service page and a contact us page that may also include information about the business. There are a lot of possibilities. Once you’re online, you’ll be able to grow your web presence even more. To check for local events or to see if this offer is available in your area, visit Google’s Get Your Business Online webpage today.

In the past, Google offered a $75 advertising credit for businesses that started a new AdWords account, so this offer may not be available forever.