Why Outsourced Copywriters Suck

Outsourcing is the latest trend to take over programming, web development and copy writing services. In a global climate where national pride is a rare commodity, many business owners see outsourcing as an affordable way to get what they need while paying prices that are below the domestic street value.

write-on-homegrownCopy writing is one of many industries that have been hit hard by the outsourcing trend. We are here to challenge this trend and set things right. Programmers and engineers were two of the first groups to be affected by outsourcing. Professionals in these high-paying industries were quickly undercut by offshore companies who could offer the same services at lower prices.

When it comes to writing effective, professional content, outsourcing has several drawbacks. Anyone who has called a tech support line in the past decade knows that these people can barely speak English let alone write it! Money. That’s what’s driving this trend. It’s not only companies that hire non-native writers from who knows where. There are many, many marketing companies and web development firms who claim to offer copy writing services as a value-added feature. However, this typically means that they mark up the low, low cost of the outsourced content they order on your behalf. Outsourced content could come from Brooklyn or Burma, but the quality is generally the same because the writers are underpaid.

As professionals in this industry, it’s sad seeing fellow writers suffering through and being subjected to sweatshop-like conditions. The push to force costs lower and lower affects professional writers everywhere. The vast majority of copy writing services pay their writers less than minimum wage. We’re talking $2 or $3 per hour or less in many cases. Even restaurant servers make tips on top of their meager hourly wages. These companies only hire independent contractors, so federal taxes, health care costs, Internet access fees and so many other expenses come directly out of the writer’s paycheck. If you’re currently ordering articles from a content mill or a firm that uses these services, there are multiple surcharges going both ways.

The company ordering for you will always mark up their prices, and the company who offers writing services will charge 30 percent in commission and administrative fees or more.  If you choose us, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits.

  • Native English speakers
  • Trained, professional writers
  • Experienced editors
  • Real people who speak and write your language!

With our services, you might pay a little bit more, but the funds actually go to the writer. Support real professional writers, and strengthen the domestic economy by avoiding content mills and outsourced copy writing services.